Filtration quality is the single most important measure of hydraulic machine health. More hydraulic failures are a result of particle contamination than any other cause.

Hydraulic filter quality varies as much as the construction and application of the units themselves. Filters are qualified by both the average size of particles they trap and the efficiency in which they’re trapped.

Hydraulink Tauranga Technicians can identify your filters, and source replacement items from many manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the ongoing heath of your hydraulic system.

Hydraulink Tauranga Hydraulic Filters

Installation and regular maintenance/replacement of filters is the most important preventative measure in any hydraulic system.

Our skilled Technicians can source and replace filters for you, potentially saving significant costs of breakdowns and catastrophic failure of systems.

Why Choose Us

The health of your hydraulic system relies on the correct filtration system.

Our trained technicians can source the correct filter system to maximise the reliability of your plant.