Ram Repair

Hydraulink Tauranga specialises in the repair and re-seal of Hydraulic rams. Our staff have extensive experience which, along with our specialised equipment to dismantle and reassemble rams, provides an efficient turn around time on equipment. We have access to New Zealands widest selection of seals, including after market alternatives which provide a cost effective solution for our customers. Our Hydraulic pressure testing facilities provide the final check to ensure the correct operation of rams and equipment before they are returned to service.

If any parts (such as spear, barrel, pistons or gland) require re-machining, or fabrication of replacements, our fully equipped onsite Engineering Workshop (Metal Spray Technologies) can prioritise this work, to ensure a swift turn around of the items.

An alternative solution for mildly damaged spears is to build up the damaged areas using a metal spray process. Our onsite Engineering Workshop (Metal Spray Technologies) is the only local provider of this service, and can provide a cost effective solution compared with fabricating a replacement spear.

Hydraulink Tauranga Hydraulic Ram Repair

Hydraulink Tauranga offers a complete service for all ram repairs and fabrication. With access to the correct replacement parts, and an onsite Engineering Workshop, we can re-seal any ram, and replace or repair any faulty items in an efficient manner.

Why Choose Us

An experienced team with access to the right parts and equipment provide a swift repair service for all hydraulic rams and systems.