Hydraulic Sales & Service

Hydraulink Tauranga can supply and service all of your hydraulic systems. From 12 or 24 volt hydraulic power packs through to 3 phase systems, we can build up a hydraulic power system to meet your needs.

If you have a situation that requires a hydraulic solution, our teams skill and experience can design and source the appropriate items to provide you with the appropriate system to meet your needs.

We have access to several 'off the shelf' Hydraulic Ram solutions, however if none of these meet your needs, then our workshop can modify or manufacture a ram to suit your requirements.

Hydraulic circuits and valving can be very complex. Our Technicians are experienced in diagnosing faults, and can repair or source replacement items to get your system operating with the minimum of down time.


The Hydraulink Tauranga team have the skills, experience, and access to product to develop solutions to all of your hydraulic requirements.

If your existing system is not operating correctly, or no longer meets your requirements, our team is skilled at diagnosing and repairing faults, and/or developing solutions that will meet your needs.

Why Choose Us

The diverse experience of the Hydraulink Tauranga team ensures that fault diagnosis is professional, and well considered.

We have access to a wide range of hydraulic parts to ensure we provide the correct solution for your situation.